5 Day Program

5 Day Program ( 1 bodypart per day)

Basic Training programme for mass,size & strength.

Please ensure that you are medically fit to start any rigorous training programme as this is only a recommendation & you as athlete are responsible for using correct training techniques & ensuring your own safety.

Train one bodypart per day , preferably train 2 days & rest 1 day – do not train more than 5 days a week.

Do 3-4 sets of each exercise & 8-10reps for failure/close to failure for each set.

From time to time change the training programme & educate yourself about supersets,drop-sets &negative reps etc. to shock the muscles out of stagnation.

If need be incorporate ab training twice weekly when there is sufficient time available as it is important to develop core strength for complex exercise like deadlifts,squats,etc.

Please ensure that your protein intake is sufficient(at least 2g per kg bodyweight) & water intake & sufficient sleep is also of utmost importance.

Keep a training diary & note your daily progress – first to always try & improve on your previous effort & also to use the correct weights to save time.

Remember on more rep or 1 more kg of weight used – equals more strength-equals more muscle .


Flat/Incline bench press or Flat/Incline Dumbbell press
Incline flyes
Dips (leaning forward)
Dumbbell pullover(compound exercise – chest,back & triceps)


Chins /Assisted Chins if too little reps
Bent Rows
Reverse flyes


Seated Dumbbell press/Seated Smith machine press
Standing Barbell press
Seated/Standing alternate front raises
Seated/Standing side laterals
Seated Shrugs


Standing barbell curls/Standing E-Z bar curls
Standing/Seated alternate dumbbell curls
Seated/Bent concentration curls
Close grip bench press
Cable pushdowns
Triceps kickbacks


Squats/Hack squats
Leg presses
Lying Leg curls
Stiff leg deadlifts
Standing calf raises
Seated calf raises