Danny has competed on and off over the last 2 years but never with the dedication and determination he has shown this year.

 He has a fast metabolism and contrary  to popular belief he has on average consumed 270g grams of Protein 240 grams of Carbs and 32grams of healthy fats daily. When he stagnated we alternated his carbs with high and low carb days – and he initially was allowed one cheatmeal per week which were eventually phased out. He started out with a bodyfat percentage of 10% and he eventually ended up with a bodyat  percentage of 4,6%. His total skinfold count started out at 53millimetres and ended up at 30millimetres (sum of six skinfolds ).

His training regime was also overseen by his other trainer Niel and consisted mostly of High Intensity Interval training.

His supplementation used was Pump N Cut , Lipocut , Whey Fusion and L-Glutamine as well as multivitamin and omega 3.

His primary intake of protein consisted of chicken breast , eggwhites , venison , ostrich , tuna and hake. 

His primary sources of Carbohydrates were Rice & Sweet potatoes – but limited. He was allowed huge quantities of fibrous veggies ( broccoli , beans and carrots ) as well as huge quantities of tomatoes , lettuce and cucumber. Condiments were limited to salt , pepper , vinegar and spices.He was also allowed 2 apples per day.The huge volumes of fibrous veggies and salads and fibre not only helped him mentally in terms of hunger pangs it also stimulated his metabolism and assisted in absorbing more water into the colon.

The healthy fats consisted mostly of roasted almonds. The cheatmeal initially was a typical pizza or burger but very soon made way for something like piece of rump steak and a pineapple – which is not only much lower in carbohydrate content than a lot of people will presume but also has the added benefit of digestive enzymes.