Facility training



3 x per week R2000 (THE FLASH)
4 x per week R2500 (SUPERMAN)

2 PERSONS (per person per month)

3 x per week R1850 (SUPERMAN & WONDER WOMAN)
4 x per week R2350(BATMAN & ROBIN)

3 PERSONS (per person per month)

3 x per week R1750 (BATMAN , ROBIN & BATWOMAN)
4 x per week R2200 (SUPERMAN , BATMAN & WONDER WOMAN)


Terms and conditions:

  • Training sessions minimum of 50 minutes per session & maximum of 60 minutes per session
  • Minimum Of 3 months per trainee at Intensity Training to ensure sufficient time for transformation worthy of all effort
  • Packages purchased to be paid for each month in advance of training
  • Includes 1 Free initial evaluation session of an hour to  determine body fat evaluation & and also a custom designed diet in accordance with required outcome and dietary preferences after a dietary consultation
  • Will have body fat evaluations & measurements done to evaluate progress once  month — before and after photos done as well
  • First training session will consist mostly of strength and cardiovascular evaluation to assist with a baseline tor continuous progress
  • Maximum 3 people per session to ensure personal attention — but if a trainee prefer a single or double slot only they will be assured that slot for a 3 month period without addition of other trainees in that timeslot.