Weight loss & muscle maintenance Diet

BREAKFAST –one of the followig

– half cup oats with 1 heaped scoop Whey Extreme
– 1 slice rye bread with half cup fat free cottage cheese
– 1 slice Rye bread with 6 eggwhites
– 1 serving Extreme Lean meal replacement
– quarter cup Taystee wheat & 1 heaped scoop whey extreme




– 1 serving Whey Extreme with water & 1 small fruit


LUNCH-one of the following

– 1 large chicken breast with half cup fat free cottage cheese & salad
– 1 tin tuna (in water) with 1 medium potato & salad
– 1 piece hake with 1 cup rice(cooked) & salad
– 6eggwhites and 1 slice Rye bread
– 200g serving of venison or ostrich with 1 cup rice(cooked) & salad
– 1 serving Extreme Lean meal replacement
– 1 large chicken breast with 1 average size sweet potato & salad
– 200g serving of seafood(careful with oil,sauces&butter) & 1cup rice(cooked) & salad



– 1 Serving Whey Extreme with water


DINNER-one of the following

– 1 large chicken breast & fibrous veggies & salad
– 1 tin tuna(in water) & fibrous veggies & salad
– 200g seafood(careful withoil,sauces&butter) & fibrous veggies & salad
– 200g venison or ostrich & fibrous veggies & salad
– 6eggwhites & fibrous veggies & salad
– 1 piece hake & fibrous veggies & salad

POST WORKOUT –whenever relevant

– 1 serving Whey extreme with water



– this is a recommended diet for an average person with average metabolism – if you are training to the extent of extreme fatigue or looking to enter a fitness or bodybuilding competition – you will need to increase your protein accordingly.

– If you do suffer from any relevant illness or metabolic disorder – please check with your physician before engaging in any diet or training program

– Fibrous Veggies – would be Broccoli , beans ,cauliflower , squash, carrots & cabbage – the serving size should be according to taste & not necessarily be limited


– Salad – would be Tomatoes , cucumber & lettuce &onions – serving size according to taste & not necessarily limited

– make sure to use a decent multivit like V-Maxx once daily & stay sufficiently hydrated with at least 2 litres of water per day.

– Make sure to add healthy fats like OmegaMaxx(omega3&6) into your diet – as your body will need some small amount of healthy fats for optimum results.

– CLA can be added with each meal(1-2)caps to enhance toning.

– If you can take a general thermogenic like Lipocut with safety you can use it up to twice daily but not too late at night as it can keep you awake.

– Spices like salt ,pepper , chili , vinegar & soy sauce can be used as needed. For other sauces use something like Mrs Balls Lite with very low carb & fat content

– Use Sweetener – never sugar

– Replace margarine & butter with fat free cottage cheese

– Popcorn(popped with hot air only) & venison biltong makes for excellent snacks when needed

– Mix 4scoops whey into a thick consistency – freeze & enjoy like sorbet ice cream

– Avoid fruit juices & excessive fruits because of the natural occurring sugar Fructose.

– Make sure you are using a relevant exercise program & especially weight training in combo with cardio

– Starches like potatoes , pasta & rice should be consumed earlier in the day when you are more active.