Guilt Free Ice Tea

Guilt Free Ice Tea.

This is perfect for those long hot summer days without the worry of extra calories, whilst getting the added benefits tea has to offer. Any flavour goes, so feel free to experiment.

What you’ll need:

5 teabags.You can use any tea. Feel free to mix it up. Use three Rooibos teabags, for example, and add either green tea, mint tea or any other flavour.

1 lire water

100-200ml low cal or sugar free fruit flavoured cool drink concentrate.


Boil the water and add the teabags. Lave to cool. Feel free to add cinnamon, fresh mint or any other herbs.

Once cooled, remove the teabags and add the cold drink concentrate to suit taste. You should be able to find a variety of fruit flavoured brands at your super market. Mix and match to compliment the type of tea you are using. Remember to consult the label to make sure it is low in calories. The brand I used had 3g of carbs per 100ml concentrated. I added about 150ml to my tea, which gives me about 4.5g carbs per litre.

You can either have it neat or dilute with it with sugar free lemonade. Serve cold.

An alternative is to not to add concentrate. Instead use flavoured tea or add fresh mint and sweaters (optional). Dilute with sugar free lemonade depending on taste.