Guilt free Jelly

Guilt free jelly

This is a great treat and is far less expensive than the low cal kind you get from the shelves.


3 Teaspoons of unflavoured gelatine.(This is a general guide on how to prepare the gelatine. Please consult the label of the brand you had bought for precise instructions).

175ml Boiling  water

375 ml low cal fruit or sugar free soft drink mix(diluted to suit taste). – you choose the flavour. Sweeto works very well, but you can choose any make.  Sugar free fizzy drinks works just as well.


Dilute Gelatine in boiled water. Make sure there are no clots.

Add 375 ml diluted concentrate and mix well. Put in fridge and allow to set. Add fizz to your concentrate dilute if you want before mixing it into the Gelatine.